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M4Scene's Projects


Need a one-off solution? M4Scene has carried out numerous development and customisation projects for customers. We have unrivalled knowledge of MPEG-4, mobile broadcasting and video-conferencing solutions.

We specialize in

  • Customized integration and configuration of software and hardware components
  • Multi-level customizable video manipulation applications
  • High-speed new product evolution via integration of media protocols and codecs


Send us your enquiry and we’ll contact you with a costed proposal.

Recent one-off projects

LiveCastr: publish 3G video calls live on the web in flash

TANDBERG Ivigo 3G to PC internet video telephony client

MPEG-4 video personalisation

Out of business

M4Scene has shut down it's business as of April 2nd 2016

Support, including changing existing licenses, will be at least available until the end of 2016

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