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SceneScope SceneScope - Understand and meet all MPEG-4/PIFF/3GPP industry standards

  • Quality Assurance
  • Codec development
  • Video on Demand
  • Education
Why buy?
  • In-depth analysis and error / compliance-feedback
  • Unrivalled range of track types
  • Simple, easily navigable interface
  • Interoperability testing of audio and video within a single application
  • Used by amongst others HP, Canon and Motorola

SceneScope is the analytical tool you need to understand and meet all MPEG-4/3GPP/PIFF and DASH industry standards.  It enables you to analyze, verify and export your MPEG-4, PIFF, DASH and 3GPP files.  SceneScope can be used for an exceptionally wide range of content types and provides clear exportable reports on all file layers.

Key features

  • Strict conformance testing against MPEG-4, 3GPP, PIFF, DASH and ISMA video and audio standards
  • Verification of stream integrity on video, audio and system level
  • Decoding and error-reporting for an unrivalled number of track types
  • Analyzing capabilities for Dolby Digital Plus (DD+ or e-ac3)
  • Parsed and raw sample data, decoder specific info, atom trees, profile information and more
  • Clear bit-rate, VBV and sample type graphs
  • Plugin support for a wide variety video and audio decoders
  • Easy switching between installed audio and video decoders for playback, making interoperability testing from within just one application a reality!
  • Clear and easy to navigate interface
  • Cost-effective analysis of:
    • Video tracks, amonst others MPEG-4, H2.63 and H.264 video
    • Audio tracks, amonst others AAC-LC and HE-AAC
    • RTP hint tracks
    • BIFS tracks
    • MP4 file structure

What customers say

"SceneScope is a powerful MPEG-4 analysis tool that provides us the insight and validation into the PIFF file format required during development of the Smooth Streaming Format SDK,"
    said John Deutscher, principal program manager for IIS Media Services, Microsoft.
"The ability to quickly validate file conformance to the ISO standards, the PIFF specification, and identify errors in the elementary streams has made SceneScope a key tool in our development, testing and customer support." read press release...


SceneScope Pro

SceneScope Pro
Analytical tool for all MPEG-4/PIFF and 3GPP industry standards

Complete in-depth analysis and error / compliance-feedback

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SceneScope Basic

SceneScope Basic
Verify video content at the system layer

Provides quick overview and preview of all content without going into full detail.

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Out of business

M4Scene has shut down it's business as of April 2nd 2016

Support, including changing existing licenses, will be at least available until the end of 2016

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