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M4Scene's SceneCare


Our customers receive unparalleled levels of technical support and advice directly from the M4Scene programming team, with one year of free SceneCare comprehensive helpdesk and major and minor upgrade support included as standard with all our products.

Extended SceneCare

Our comprehensive SceneCare coverage can be extended by the year. SceneCare can be purchased and tracked via your customer account.

20% of list price

Ad hoc support (for customers no longer covered by SceneCare)


Support provided by M4Sene helpdesk experts, by telephone or email.

€ 50 per 15 minutes

Minor upgrade

Get the latest version if the one licensed is the same as the current major version.

50% of list price

Major upgrade

Get the latest version if the one licensed is different from the current major version.

80% of list price

Out of business

M4Scene has shut down it's business as of April 2nd 2016

Support, including changing existing licenses, will be at least available until the end of 2016

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