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All You Need to Confidently Verify and Analyse MPEG-4 Based Content

M4Scene is build on years of experience with the MPEG-4, 3GPP and audio / video standards. Its products are being used all over the world with great customer satisfaction. M4Scene works together on a per project basis with many world-leading companies who can safely rely on our expertise.

“SceneScope is a powerful MPEG-4 analysis tool that provides us the insight and validation into the PIFF file format required during development of the Smooth Streaming Format SDK,”
    said John Deutscher, principal program manager for IIS Media Services, Microsoft.
“The ability to quickly validate file conformance to the ISO standards, the PIFF specification, and identify errors in the elementary streams has made SceneScope a key tool in our development, testing and customer support.” read more...

SceneScope 2.0
Strict conformance testing against MPEG-4, PIFF, 3GPP and ISMA now enhanced with DASH

Detailed sample analysis and verification against the standards of H.264, MPEG-4, H.263, (HE-)AAC, RTP and BIFS

SceneScope gives you incredible insight in the file structure and its contents from different angles and levels of detail.

Available for Windows and Mac

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Out of business

M4Scene has shut down it's business as of April 2nd 2016

Support, including changing existing licenses, will be at least available until the end of 2016

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